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About Me

Danielle Korte


I have two passions in life: fitness and baking. Most people might  think this is a complicated pairing: but, as a fitness professional, I understand the importance of balance. When I eat a baked good, I want it to be delicious. I want the calories to be worth it. So, no, I do not do "healthy" baking​. Because, honestly, "healthy" baking is just sad. A cookie. A slice of cake. A warm and sticky cinnamon roll - these are treats. And when I indulge in a treat, I need it be exactly that - an indulgence. I think everyone else deserves that too. 

When my daughter was born in 2018, my family transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. But I constantly found myself craving those indulgences which I've always loved. I began to resign myself to the fact that our new lifestyle might be incompatible with the joy I've always taken in making baked goods. But I decided not to give up. It took a lot of time, research, and (failed) attempts, but I eventually learned to create desserts which brought even more joy than I had known before, and which also adhered to the compassionate lifestyle that we chose to follow. And because it's my passion, I want to share this joy with others, whether they follow a vegan lifestyle or not. All of my products are made with high quality, mostly organic ingredients (because better quality ingredients make better tasting treats), and everything is vegan. So go ahead, take A Harmless Bite!

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